Why Glamping is becoming more & more popular…

Glamping tent

The way of experiencing the beauty of nature plus the fun of camping, without losing the comforts of home. Plus, you don’t have to set the tents up yourself!

“Where it all began.”

Even though the term Glamping has only recently been heard of, this type of camping dates to the 1100s.  When Mongolian tribes would live in yurts or gurs. They were a semi-permanent home that sheltered them from strong winds. These gurs are still used by the Mongolians today!

In the 1900s the wealthy Europeans and Americans wanted a taste of luxury on their camping adventures to Africa, as they were not keen to leave all the luxuries that they had back home. They would stay in safari tents, with antique furniture, double beds, rugs and luxury bedding. This gave them the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature, comfortably.

You have probably noticed the Glamping has increased in popularity over the past couple of years. Not everyone enjoys camping, but Glamping is so much more than camping – especially at Fathala Wildlife Reserve.

“Here at Fathala”

We offer a unique way of Glamping; our luxury safari tents are set under the shadows of our massive Mahogany trees. With only 20 tents, Fathala is an exclusive game lodge. Our tents are equipped with Queen Beds, draping mosquito nets and an en-suite bathroom with large free standing bathtubs and twin sinks. Our favorite feature is our open-air showers, under the African sky.  With the immaculate birdlife that Senegal has to offer, all you must do it sit on the deck of your tent and admire the birdlife. Make yourself a cup of coffee and read a book or simply take a nap on your bed under the air conditioner.

With Glamping becoming so popular, why wouldn’t you want to experience it?  – Especially at Fathala!