What to know when Travelling in Senegal

Wildlife droppings

The country is known for its vibrant, colourful and elegant life.

Here are a couple of things that you need to know while travelling around this West-African country.

Keep in mind that Senegal is mostly a Muslim country, but most Senegalese people are quite tolerant to other religions. The Senegalese generally go out of their way to make all people especially children feel welcome.

Be careful of what you take pictures of. You cannot just take photos of certain buildings like: government institutions, military structures, police stations and embassies. It not advisable to take a photo of any police man or military personnel. Travellers are required by law to carry a form of identification at all times.

The currency in Senegal is the CFA Franc, but Euro is widely accepted, but do be cautious when exchanging money, as there is the risk of false money circulating.

Make sure you know which season you are coming!

June to October is the rainy season, its still hot but very humid. The rain cools the country down a bit, and cleans the dusty plants and buildings. The flowers and trees are in full bloom, and it is truly a beautiful sight! From November to May it’s the Winter season, but it is hot and dry. Winter in Senegal is the main time for tourists to come. But its best to know that both seasons are incredibly hot!

In December 2017, Senegal opened the doors to their new Blaise Diagne International Airport, which is roughly 55km outside of Dakar. The new airport replaced ‘Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport’ to cater to the growing domestic and international air traffic requirements of the Dakar region. The new and modern airport also makes it a bit more pleasant to land in Senegal as the old airport was slightly run down.

Budget accommodation is hard to find in Senegal; cheaper hotels tend to be a bit dodgy. In parts of Dakar pick pocketing and street crime are common but Senegal is generally safe, travelling alone really shouldn’t be a problem! Regardless of where you are travelling in Senegal, it’s always handy to travel with a supply of tissues, as a lot of the toilets don’t have toilet paper. Remember in Senegal you drive on the right hand side of the road!

You will find Senegal to be truly one of the friendliest and welcoming countries in West-Africa. You will experience a diversity in landscape and never run out of activities to do in Senegal – from surfing the waves to Safari Game Drives. Whatever you are looking for, Senegal probably has it!