What is new at Fathala?

Senegal safari lodge swimming pool

New Day Centre

At the beginning of September, we took the task on of giving our Day Centre a major facelift. As we have seen our number of guests are growing year on year, we decided to make the restaurant bigger. We have also added a shop with small things to take home to remember your time at Fathala and in Senegal. The shop also has drinks and snacks if you are feeling a bit peckish. With the brand-new kitchen and pizza oven and local food to be ordered you won’t want to leave Fathala with an empty stomach!

Besides all the same great activities to enjoy, and amazing food to eat- there is also a new crocodile enclosure for you to watch those massive creatures swim and bask in the sun.

We are always striving to have the very best of our guests and we know this high season will be great with the new day centre and all its new perks!

2 New Lion Cubs

On the 17th of September we welcomed to new baby lions to the reserve, two healthy little boys- “Hanno and George”

The two beautiful little creatures are so full of life, it is just a must to come and visit them. We offer the Cub View for while they are still small. And once they are bigger you can join them on our Lion Encounter.

Only being two months old, these 2 boys are growing so fast and before we know it, they won’t be just ‘cubs’ anymore! They are now eating raw meet instead of drinking milk, as these two grow very fast – they are fed a minimum of 3 times a day.

2 Deluxe Tents at the Lodge

At Fathala Lodge we decided it was time to upgrade 2 of our tents. We brought Jacuzzis all the way from South Africa for you to enjoy!

These new tents are great for our guest couples, that want to really relax with a glass of wine and enjoy each other’s company in the bubbles! These tents also come with their own mini bar filled with drinks and a bottle of wine, (Not complimentary) so that when you are relaxing you don’t have to go to the bar to get something to drink.

With so many news things available at Fathala this upcoming season, you don’t want to miss the chance to come to the reserve or lodge.