Sundowner on the Mangroves at Fathala…

Food and wine on Senegal mangroves boat cruise

Whether you are looking for a romantic boat cruise or you’re a bird lover looking for some interesting new sightings, then the Sundowner on the Mangroves at Fathala is the trip for you!

Starting at the lodge, our Fathala guide will accompany you on a 30-minute drive through the bush, on our open-air 4×4 game viewer, where you will meet the boat captain at the boat. The Mangrove trip is through the magnificent mangroves of Delta du Saloum National Park, Senegal’s second-largest national park.

Our guide knows his birds, so just ask him and the boat will stop to look at the bird, and don’t be scared to ask your questions!

Make sure to bring your binoculars and your bird book. Extremely popular sightings on the trip are Palm Nut Vultures, Bee Eaters, Pelicans and Fink Foots, but there are thousands more bird species to be seen.

Enjoy a tasty snack platter that will be prepared for you by our chef at the lodge, accompanied by a nice cold G&T or glass of wine, (non-alcoholic drinks also available.)

There are many more sights to see. Look out for the massive baobab tree that has fallen on its side, and let our guide tell you about the countless oysters, and how they helped the villages around the mangroves many years ago. You will also see many friendly local fishermen on the water in colourful piroques, (Senegal wooden canoe).

If you are incredibly lucky on the trip, you will see massive crocodiles lying on the banks of the mangrove, baking in the heat. Or an exceedingly rare sighting is the dolphins and manatees, unfortunately the manatees are not an easy sight as they are endangered due to poaching. But keep your eye out for them!

If you are not into birds, just sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views, it truly is something like no other!