• Fathala Tented Lodge in Senegal


    The Fathala Wildlife Reserve offers a romantic getaway with the open-air Mahogany Restaurant & Lounge, and a swimming pool with breath-taking views over the Senegalese Bush.

  • Fathala Luxury Tented Accommodation Senegal 02


    Fathala's Luxury Tented Accommodation is decorated in a romantic African Colonial Theme with mosquito nets, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms with free standing baths and outdoor showers.

  • Zebras in Senegal Game Reserve


    The Zebra's black and white stripes are a form of camouflage called disruptive coloration that breaks up the outline of the body. They inhabit savannas, from treeless grasslands to open woodlands.

  • Giraffe in Fathala West Africa


    Giraffes use their height to good advantage by browsing leaves and buds in treetops. The 21–inch (53 cm) tougue helps them pluck tasty morsels from branches. Giraffes eat most of the time, and like cows they regurgitate food and chew it as cud.

  • Fathala Baby Warthog in Senegal


    Warthogs are widespread all over Africa. The males can be distinguished by the 4 warts on the side of its face where females only have 2 warts. They are omnivorous and not scared of chasing lions away to get a chance for a drink of water.


Activity Rates (Day Visitors)

1 Jan 2016 – 31 October 2018
Activity CFA Adult (Euro)
Luxury Mangrove Scenic Trip (Minimum 6 Guests) €50
Lion Encounter (45 mins) restricted to guests 1.5 meter and taller 25 000 €38
NEW, Including Lion Camp, Game Drive 30 000 €46
Self-Drive Game Drive including Fathala Guide (Excluding Vehicle Hire) 18 000 €28
Self-Drive Game drive and Lion encounter package Including Fathala Guide (Excluding Vehicle Hire) 38 000 €58
4×4 Vehicle Hire 30 000 €46
Guided Bird Walks 3 500 €5
Children 4 years and older welcome on Game drives.
Please note only guests 1.5 meter and taller will be allowed on the Lions Encounter.
Recommended to book activities before arrival.


Fathala Giraffes on Game Drive Derby Eland in Fathala Senegal Senegal Warthog Family in Fathala Rhino on Fathala Game Drive

Activity Rates (Accommodation Guests)

1 Jan 2016 – 31 October 2018
Activity Adult Child (4 – 12)
Guided Game Drive (Safari) (3h) with Fathala Guide and vehicle, including snacks and drinks (Accommodation Guests) €40 €20
Lion Encounter (40-45 min) 1,5 meter and taller (Accommodation Guests) €39 €0
Luxury Mangrove Scenic Trip, including snacks and drinks (2,5 h) €45 €23
Bush Walking and Birding Safari (2 h) €25 €13
Boat Trip to the Island (full day), including lunch and drinks €70 €35
Village and local market tour (3 h) €40 €20
Guided Game Drive (including snacks and drinks) and Lion Encounter Combo Price (Accommodation Guests) €71 €0
Children 4 years and older welcome on Game Drives.
Please note only guests 1.5 meter and taller will be allowed on the Lions Encounter.
Recommended to book activities before arrival.
All Boat Trips Minimum capacity before departure = 2 paying guests and must be booked a day in advance.
Contact Fathala Wildlife Reserve


Fathala Entrance Hall Senegal Fathala African Boma in Senegal Fathala Lounge in Senegal Fathala Dining Table in Senegal

Activity Departure Times

Please note that all activities have strict time schedules.

Times Duration Departure
Game Drive (sunrise and sunset) 3h 07:00 and 16:00/16:15
Lion Encounter 1h 8:00
Luxury Mangrove Scenic Trip 2.5h 17:00
Bush Walking and Birding Safari 2h 7:00
Boat Trip to Island and Village Tour 7h 11:00
Village and local market tour (Missirah/Same/Toubacouta) 3h 10:00

Please confirm departure times at lodge as they might vary slightly and use duration of activity as estimates.


Fathala Bathroom Entrance in Senegal Fathala Bathroom Entrance and Bathtub Fathala Bedroom Area in Senegal Fathala Tented Suite Bedroom Fathala Tented Suite Entrance

Transfers to/from Fathala Reserve

Location 1-2 PAX 3-4 PAX 5-6 PAX 10-22 PAX
Dakar €245 €365 €430
Toubacouta €40 €44 €49 52
Amdellai/Border €15 €18 €20 €22
  • Group Transfer rate applicable if guests are part of one group and booked as a group on reservation.
  • Rates include return transfers.
  • One way 1/2 price of above.
  • Reservation for transfers needs to be done at least 72 hours in advance.