The Rules of the Lion Encounter at Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Lion Walk at Fathala Wildlife Reserve

The Lion Encounter at Fathala Wildlife Reserve – a once in a lifetime experience.

Take the opportunity to interact with our lions and accompany them on foot. An unparalleled experience that offers insight into the behaviour of this species, with lots of photo opportunities.

But before seeing these majestic animals, there are some rules that we would like you to know:

The following rules are to ensure that you feel safe, as well as enjoy the walk

1. HEIGHT RESTRICTION: 1.50 METERS – NO EXCEPTIONS (carrying of children on back, neck etc.)

2. No bags, purses, backpacks or any other are allowed on the walk

3. Make sure your clothes are not too wide, loose, or swingy, make sure your shoelaces are tied

4. No sunglasses

5. No clothing with animal prints

6. Refrain from running or jumping during the walk, keep the movement as normal and calm as possible

7. Do not bend or kneel down in front of the lions

8. Never touch the lions or approach the lions without instruction from the lion guides

9. Please speak quietly, calm, and normal, but do not hesitate to ask questions

10. All visitors are reminded that although the lions were raised by the handlers, they are still wild animals, and failure to comply to the above rules, could lead to serious harm, to yourself and others

11. Should you wish to end the walk, please feel free to ask the guide, they will escort you to the exit

12. All visitors must sign the indemnity form before participating in the walk with lions

Enjoy the walk!