• Fathala Tented Lodge in Senegal


    The Fathala Wildlife Reserve offers a romantic getaway with the open-air Mahogany Restaurant & Lounge, and a swimming pool with breath-taking views over the Senegalese Bush.

  • Fathala Luxury Tented Accommodation Senegal 02


    Fathala's Luxury Tented Accommodation is decorated in a romantic African Colonial Theme with mosquito nets, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms with free standing baths and outdoor showers.

  • Zebras in Senegal Game Reserve


    The Zebra's black and white stripes are a form of camouflage called disruptive coloration that breaks up the outline of the body. They inhabit savannas, from treeless grasslands to open woodlands.

  • Giraffe in Fathala West Africa


    Giraffes use their height to good advantage by browsing leaves and buds in treetops. The 21–inch (53 cm) tougue helps them pluck tasty morsels from branches. Giraffes eat most of the time, and like cows they regurgitate food and chew it as cud.

  • Fathala Baby Warthog in Senegal


    Warthogs are widespread all over Africa. The males can be distinguished by the 4 warts on the side of its face where females only have 2 warts. They are omnivorous and not scared of chasing lions away to get a chance for a drink of water.

Senegal Tented Accommodation Bathroom Senegal Tented Accommodation Bathroom View Senegal Tented Accommodation Fathala Senegal Tented Suite Fathala Senegal Tented Accommodation Entrance

Fathala Luxury Tented Accommodation in Senegal

A visit to the Fathala Lodge in Senegal offers you the chance of a romantic getaway in a luxurious tent in the shadows of the majestic African Mahogany trees.
Sit back and relax on the porch of your tent and hear the cry of the horn bill in the distance, and the chatter of parrots and parakeets, while Red Colobus Monkeys jump playfully from branch to branch.

Enjoy a cocktail at the swimming pool in the company of Abyssinian Rollers as the dust settles in the sunset of the West African bush. Each of the 20 luxury tented and air-conditioned suites at the Fathala Wildlife Reserve are decorated in a romantic African colonial theme with mosquito nets. The en-suite facilities are equipped with twin basins, deep free-standing baths and open-air showers. The suites are equipped with electronic safe, hairdryer, coffee/tea facilities and guest amenities. Children 4 years and older allowed at our accommodation.

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Fathala Reserve Senegal Lodge Entrance Hall Fathala Senegal Lodge African Boma Fathala Senegal Lodge Lounge Fathala Senegal Lodge Dining Area

Activities for Accommodation Guests at Fathala Wildlife Reserve in Senegal 

Accommodation Guided Game Drive

During your stay at Fathala wildlife reserve in Gambia,  enjoy a typical African bush experience in an open game viewing vehicle on a guided sunrise or sunset game drive through this Senegal reserve. See family herds of the rare West African Giant Derby Eland – only found in this part of the world and visit the breeding camp.  Other antelope species such as roan, waterbuck and bushbuck can also be viewed, as well as giraffes, rhino, buffalo, warthog, red colobus, green vervet and red patas monkeys as well as exquisitely coloured bird species amongst the giant African mahogany trees. Enjoy morning coffee or evening sundowners and snacks next to the waterhole as you experience a magnificent African sunrise or sunset. Binoculars are advised as animals and bird sightings are not always close by.

Duration: 2 hours
Includes: Guided Game Drive, vehicle, guide and snacks and drinks

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Fathala Giraffes on Game Drive Derby Eland in Fathala Senegal Senegal Warthog Family in Fathala Rhino on Fathala Game Drive

Lion Walks: Free Walking, No Leashes! No Collars

Enjoy a Lion Adventure and Senegal wildlife at Fathala Wildlife Reserve – a once in a lifetime experience – as you walk through the African bush with the king of the jungle, Africa’s most majestic predator. Take the opportunity to interact with our young lions and accompany them on foot through their natural habitat. An unparalleled experience that offers insight into the behaviour of this species, with lots of photo opportunities.

Duration: 40-45 min
Includes: Guided walk with Lions

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Tourists on Fathala Lion Walk Fathala Lion Walk West Africa Fathala Lions in Senegal Fathala Lion Walk in Senegal

Fishing in the Mangroves (strictly catch and release)

Enjoy a true Senegalese experience at Fathala Senegal reserve in the Mangroves – embark on a pirogue trip to fish in the tropical waters with a guide from a local village. A 4×4 transfer will transfer you to the shores of Bagadachii, where you will board a pirogue for a slow cruise through the Mangroves. Catch and Release only – test your skills on barracuda, captain fish, red snapper and more. Enjoy a packed picnic lunch on the water before your return trip to Fathala Lodge.

Duration: 4 hours (min of 2 guests per trip)
Includes: selected drinks, transfer and boat and guide

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Tourist Fishing in Fathala Mangroves Fishing in Fathala Mangroves by Tourists Fishing Boats in Fathala's Mangroves Fishing in Fathala's Mangroves

Mangroves Sundowner boat trip

Relax in a pirogue on the water in the cool of the evening, and watch a breath-taking sunset over the Mangrove forests while sipping on delicious Senegalese sundowners. At Fathala Lodge Senegal you can experience the Mangrove forests, birds and Baobabs and if lucky view the Manatee (sea cow) and Dolphins.

Duration: 2, 5 hours (min of 2 guests per trip)
Includes: selected drinks, transfer and boat and guide

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Mangrove Forest in Fathala Fathala Sunset West Africa View of Mangrove Forest Fathala Senegal Pelican in Fathala

Full Day Island Trip

Visit Fathala’s very own island and en-route take the unique opportunity to visit a Senegalese Fishing Village. A 4×4 transfer will transport you to the shores of Bagadachii where you will board a pirogue and take a slow cruise through the Mangroves to Djinack Barra. Visit the school and hospital, meet the village chief and learn about the local culture. Back to the pirogue and on to Leba Island for a “back to nature” tropical experience in the Sun. A delicious traditionally prepared fish barbeque, long walks on the beach and swimming in the warm waters, before your relaxing pirogue ride and transfer back to Fathala Lodge Senegal before dinner.

Duration: 6 hours (11:00 – 17:00) (min of 2 guests per trip)
Includes: Village Tour, Boat trip through Mangroves to Island, transfer, tradionally prepared fish barbeque, drinks and guide

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Piroque in Fathala Senegal Fathala River Landscape Fathala River in Senegal Fathala River Landscape

Village & Local Market Tour

An opportunity to move away from the typical tourist activities – visit a traditional Senegalese village and market and experience how the locals live and shop.  A local guide will accompany you to view the local crafts and fabrics, visit a bakery which makes the delicious Senegalese breads and taste the traditional baobab and bisap juice in a local restaurant and experience the REAL Africa.

Duration: 2 hours (min of 2 guests before tour departs)
Includes: Transfer/Transportation and guide but exclude all additional shopping, restaurant drinks ect.)

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Fathala Village and Local Market Tours Senegal Village and Local Market Tours Fathala Crafts and Local Market Tours Senegalese Food in Village Market Tours

Bush Walking and Birding Safari

View the smaller animals while walking and exploring the Fathala bush on foot. A knowledgeable guide will take you on a tour where you can learn more about Senegal’s plants, insects and smaller animal life on the wildlife reserve Gambia. See and photograph the exquisitely coloured exotic birds, such as the Abyssinian roller, the rose ringed parakeet, the western red billed hornbill, the long tailed glossy starling and much more.

Duration: 2 hours
Includes: Guided tour on foot

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Fathala Bushwalk Chameleon Fathala Bushwalk Birds Fathala Bushwalk Bird Life Fathala Wildlife Bushwalk Birds