8 Reasons To Spend This Festive Season At Fathala Wildlife Reserve

The festive season is all about family, friends, festivities, fun…and Fathala! December holiday is a wonderful time for everyone and a lot of planning goes into where to spend the long deserved break. We have highlighted ten of the most compelling reasons to spend it right here with our family in Senegal.

December has the best weather in Senegal

If you are thinking of spending your festive season at Fathala, then you’re in luck! December weather in Senegal has near constant sunshine blended with a warm, yet refreshing ocean breeze. With sunny days, dry roads, and slightly cooler evenings, December is the perfect time to enjoy Fathala’s spectacular array of flora and fauna. A cocktail by the poolside surrounded by untouched wildlife seems to be a fine way to spend your December holiday!

Bucket list experiences

Fathala has the best of, well all the worlds! During your stay, you can choose to experience something different every day, but even if you choose the same activity, it will never be the same, as every day is unique at Fathala Wildlife Reserve. Enjoy a typical African bush experience in an open-air vehicle on a guided sunrise or sunset safari game drive through our reserve. Enjoy morning coffee or evening sundowners and snacks next to the waterhole as you experience a magnificent African sunrise or sunset. The one of a kind mangrove scenic trip is not to be missed and here you will not only experience the world-renowned Senegalese mangroves, but the incredible variety of wildlife that call this vegetation group home. A full day island trip will leave you relaxed and longing for more! We are one of the only reserves in Africa that offers a unique opportunity to experience our beloved lion pride up close. If you enjoy learning about different cultures, you will absolutely love our village tour where you can experience authentic Senegalese way of living.

Luxurious accommodation

If you want to experience untouched nature, but do not want to give up comfort, you will find our accommodation the perfect blend. Decorated in a beautiful African colonial theme, our deluxe suites offer en-suite bathrooms, open-air showers and deep knee-standing bathtubs. The air-conditioning in all suites make for a much-welcomed escape on those hot and dry summer days. Our suites are also equipped with an electronic safe, hairdryer, coffee/tea facilities and guest amenities to ensure your complete comfort.

Fathala Lodge - Ultimate Romantic Getaway

Enrich your mind

Our experienced guides will teach you to use all of your senses to experience nature to its fullest. You will not leave Fathala Wildlife Reserve without learning something new, or at least enriching your mind with a new sense of wonder. If you listen and look carefully, you might even learn something from the animals, insects and plants themselves!

Connect with nature

There is a yearning in humans to be as close as possible to nature, as was the conducts of our ancestors. Unfortunately, the average human that resides in the concrete jungle, has lost the ability to truly connect to nature. At Fathala Wildlife Reserve, you have the opportunity to quiet your mind, forget about the deadlines, the clients and the arguments and simply be. You might be surprised at how good the helmeted guinea fowl are at calming one’s anxiety with their peculiar songs…maybe even better than a city therapist can!

Helmeted Guinefowl

Festive season food

Senegalese are known for incredible food! If you are looking for an authentic African, French, and Portuguese inspired cuisine experience, you will not be disappointed at Fathala Wildlife Reserve. Our qualified chefs will take your taste buds on a tantalizing tour this festive season that you will not easily forget!

Contribute to the environment

For many the festive season is synonym with giving. At Fathala Wildlife Reserve, you can give back in the form of sustainable travelling and eco-tourism. By visiting Fathala Wildlife Reserve you do not only get to see endangered and threatened wildlife species on an authentic African Safari, but you actively contribute to the sustaining of a safe and healthy environment in order for these species to be rehabilitated into a natural world.

Amazing photo opportunities

There is one thing never short of at Fathala Wildlife Reserve, and that is photo opportunity! Whether you are a keen wildlife photographer or a selfie queen, you will get your ideal snap at Fathala Wildlife Reserve every time. It might be the natural light, the variety of scenic ‘backdrops’ or plenty of wildlife to photobomb your masterpiece, but taking photos at Fathala Wildlife Reserve is an adventure on its own!

We have given you the motivation, now it is up to you to start the packing! Come, spend this festive season with us and leave rejuvenated for the New Year to come. Who knows, you might even leave with the perfect Christmas card photo for next year!

To view our availability this season, please e-mail book@fathala.com.