10 Tips on How to plan your dream trip to Africa

Map of Africa

“Planning made easier”

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of planning a trip to Africa, it may seem scary- but here are some tips that may make the planning a bit easier!

  1. Know exactly WHERE you are wanting to go. Africa is a big place. Do your research, read blogs on other people’s experiences and you will quickly find a place that catches your eye. There are 54 countries and thousands and thousands of fabulous places to visit in Africa, so start by thinking about what you want from your trip. Is there something that you have always dreamed on doing or seeing?
  1. Know WHEN you are wanting to go. Think about where the best places are to go on the dates you can go. Just be aware that prices are often higher during high (usually the European summer time and around Christmas and New year) season, as with most other destinations around the world.


  1. Keep the following in mind when you starting budgeting:
    • Flights
    • Pre-Travel Costs (vaccinations, travel insurance etc.)
    • Visas
    • Accommodation and Activities
    • Transport in the country
    • Food and Drink
  1. Set your itinerary: Remember that the distances between many of the places you want to go to are long, and the journeys can take a while, especially if you don’t have your own transport or aren’t on a tour. So, highlight the things you want to do and plan your trip around that.
  1. Book your flights. Rather earlier than later! The later you book your flights, the fuller they get – and then the more expensive it gets!
  1. Book your activities and accommodation. It is simply better to have all your accommodation pre-booked. It is just one less thing to stress about. If you book an activity or sightseeing that depends on you being in a certain area, book your accommodation at the same time, so you don’t end up being too far from where you need to be.
  1. Get your vaccinations! Some countries in Africa (Like Senegal!) require a yellow fever certificate. You must also consider if you want to take anti-Malaria tablets. Make sure you do your research on exactly what vaccinations are required for the country you are wanting to go to.
  1. Make sure your passport is still valid, and that you have any Visa that is needed! Also, make sure that there is at least two blank pages in your passport for any stamps or visas.
  1. Buy travel insurance. Make sure that the policy you take out covers you for all of your travel requirements.
  1. Make sure you have a very reliable airport pick up. Most hotels (like Fathala) offer airport pick up and drop off services, check with the hotel if they can pick you up or try to look for local transport services. Otherwise, you can look for a taxi when you get out of the airport, (please do know that they can be quite expensive.)

Go have an amazing time! This is likely to be one of, if not the most incredible trips of your life. Enjoy it. We hope this list helps you get ready for your travels in Africa and all the wonderful things you are about to see and do!